Why do different fishermen use the same fishing rods to fish the same size fish at the same time and at the same fishing spot? There will be short periods of time and some long periods of time; or, some people can catch fish, there are The situation of people who can't catch fish? In addition to the reasons for fishing skills, it is related to the fishermen's awareness of the "tonation" of this fishing rod.


For example, if you take a hard-key squat to go wild fishing, you will run into a squid of about 1 kilogram. According to the production standards of fishing rods, whether it is squid or squid, you can catch this fish. But obviously, using squid squid is easier and less time-consuming than squid fishing. This is because the wall thickness and hardness of the squid squid squid are different, which will cause differences in fishing force, elasticity, self-weight, toughness, and feel. Therefore, the size and angle of the force used by the fisherman in actual use will also be Different, the time to catch fish is different.


In the design and production of this fishing rod, it is also crucial that the elasticity index is just right. For example, some super-hard cockroaches look like two-eighths when you look at them, but when you catch a big fish, you can bow to the end. This is a manifestation of lack of flexibility. The elastic design of a good fishing rod should reflect a real-life feeling, that is, fishing small fish is not hard, fishing big fish is not soft; and in the process of controlling fish, the fishing rod's own rebounding force can save a lot of power while automatically solving the fish's impulse. Manpower.


Toughness refers to the bending strength and overall consistency of the fishing rod. Some fishing rods have good local toughness, but the elasticity and hardness of the whole fishing rod are unevenly distributed. The front side is soft, the back side is hard, and the force transmission between the front and rear sections is disjointed. Use this fishing rod to go fishing. Once you encounter a big fish, the whole force is completely concentrated in front. The big fish is hooked. It has been contending with the fish by the partial “toughness” of the first one or two sections. This is obviously No way. Of course, the standard of tonality is not unique. The brands of the fish are different, and the carbon materials used are also different. Of course, the produced defects are also quite different in terms of tonality and other properties.


Catch a fish, starting with the fish hanging on the hook, and turning the fish to white, the fish will use a certain degree of force. Only when it is used up, it will be turned over in exhaustion. . The power it consumes is applied to different tonal fishing rods. The power consumed by people is certain, but the time and force of the squid are inversely proportional. That is to say, it takes a long time to use soft fishing squid, but the force used in unit time is small, and the pulling force on the fishing line is small. When using a hard fishing rod, the time is reversed, but the time used in the unit is short, but the force used in the unit time is large, that is to say, when the fish is struggling, the force acting on the fishing line is large. So at the same fishing spot, fish the same size fish, with different tonal fish. The diameter of the fishing line used is different.


Through this article, we first introduced the knowledge of the tonality of the surimi to the reader, and then introduced the concept of “fishing”. It can be seen that the connotation of "fishing" is, in fact, the specific practice of the fisherman in the actual fishing activities. The degree of cognition of "fishing" directly affects the fishing efficiency of the fishing friends! So it is said that "fishing" is really learning!

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