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Search for the true colors of eating monster in water. You must know these ugly fish!

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2018/08/20 14:50
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  I don't know if you've seen the documentary "Fish and Beast in the River," in which biologist and extreme angler Gillemy Wade toured the world exploring the mysteries of freshwater basins, especially the appalling carnivores. They unravelled the truth of these events and traced the origins of these horror legends.

  Searching for a variety of aquatic vertebrates is Wade's life and career. He is passionate and intelligent. In the process, he also drew up the global waterway, so that more people could understand the world in the sea and in the river.

  By traveling around the world in Germany, Australia, Brazil and even Texas, he put his life at risk in order to find real monsters in the water. In order to uncover the mysterious veil of these legendary protagonists. Among the horrible fish he had been exposed to, many looked horrible, many were ferocious, many were poisonous, and many could eat people. Xiaobian on the collation of five huge, horrible appearance, ferocious nature of the fish, perhaps these are the real legendary protagonists, everyone to understand together!

  1, six catfish (Wels Catfish)

  Maximum length: 3 meters or more

  Maximum weight: 150 kg or more.

  Characteristics: brutality and greed.

  Six, catfish, also known as European giant catfish. The fish was scaleless, with an astonishingly wide mouth on its broad flat head, lined with fine, sandpaper-like teeth of hundreds. They have a set of tentacles on each jaw to help them catch prey in chaotic waters, so they are scattered across Europe's Great Lakes and slow-flowing rivers.

  The horrible tale of catfish eating can be traced back to the 15th century, but in 2008 a large fish attacked a man in Lake Schlachtensee outside Berlin.

  Some six-barbed catfish have been caught in Russia with human remains in their stomachs, and many believe the attacker was a five-foot-long six-barbed catfish. But most experts believe the victims drowned before being swallowed by catfish, which ate only human bodies. As to whether the experts' statements are credible, it is not known.

  2. Goonch (Catfish)

  Maximum length: 3 meters or more

  Maximum weight: over 68 kg

  Characteristics: only like cooked half cooked corpses.

  The tank duckbill, like its catfish relatives, can grow to a very large body and body weight. Unlike other catfish, however, this river monster lives only in the Great Kali River between India and Nepal, where water is often used to treat corpses after cremations in India.

  There is theory that the tank platypus has been devouring the cremated half-cooked human corpses, perhaps to help the tank platypus or at least some members of the species grow to extraordinarily large sizes. People imagined that this habit might make the tank platypus like human flesh, thus exacerbating fears that the tank platypus would attack the living.

  3. Alligator Gar

  Maximum length: 5 meters

  Maximum weight: over 180 kg

  Features: body helmet, armor, knife cut, sparks.

  You want to say whether this kind of fish is a crocodile or a fish, in fact, both are? It is really difficult to distinguish, so-called from different opinions. The ancient fish of the crocodile eel have existed on the earth for one hundred million years. They roam freely in rivers, streams and bays in the southeastern part of the United States. Its name comes from its short kiss with crocodiles and sharp teeth of two rows of daggers. Unlike most of its close relatives, the crocodile eel can breathe air and survive for up to two hours without water.

  Its body was covered with a hard layer of diamond-glazed phosphorus, like armor, which was exaggerated as sparking when cut with an axe.

  4. Black Piranha.

  Maximum length: about 0.2 meters.

  Maximum weight: about 0.5 kg.

  Features: very small and terrifying.

  In fact, we usually talk about piranha. Piranha may be the smallest fish in the world's freshwater. But don't be fooled by its size. No matter how small a piranha, its mouth has sharp triangular teeth, which are tailored to penetrate and tear the flesh of its prey. This kind of fish collectively can kill meat in prey within minutes. Amazon locals often use cannibal teeth to make tools and weapons.

  5. Parasitic catfish

  Maximum length: 0.2 meters or more

  Maximum weight: about 0.3 kg.

  Features: very small, terrifying, professional drilling.

  Parasitic catfish are the most feared fish in the Amazon region. There are many frightening monsters in the Amazon, but parasitic catfish are not inferior to them at all. But the fear of this freshwater fish is not its size.

  On the contrary, it looks as small as eels, almost transparent, and is hard to find in water. But this is where people are more afraid of it.

  Some people say it's the most frightening thing in the Amazon because it can find holes and drill in and destroy them. Once it has entered certain organs, it begins to suck the blood of the host, and then grows larger and larger.

  The most frightening thing is that he used to drill into your urethra, and because of the environment of the urethra.

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