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The completion of the Hangzhou Bay Wetland Park fishing center will open in January 1st next year.

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2018/08/20 14:51
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  Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park is adding new projects. Yesterday, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park fishing center officially completed, the first time put into use held the "Zhongyuan Oujia Cup" East China Fishing Invitational Competition, from six provinces and one city in East China more than 100 athletes gathered to discuss skills.

  At the opening ceremony, the Chinese Fishing Association awarded Wetland Park the title of "China Fishing Association Zhejiang Member Activity Center" and the Provincial Fishing Association awarded Wetland Park the title of "China Fishing Association Zhejiang Fishing Technology Training Center".

  The competition is a 5.4m hand-pole mixed-culture fish weight competition. The fishing tackle is provided by the regulations and is divided into two halves. The weight of the five kinds of fish is the effective result.

  Before the end of the first half of the game, there was a shout from the four-zone fishing position. Sun Jiefeng, a native of Ningbo, successfully caught the fish king of 9.79 kg after a wrestling with a herring. Finally, Sun Jiefeng was awarded the 10,000 yuan prize for his total weight of 28.76 kilograms by virtue of the Fish King. Local players in Ningbo take the top three.

  According to the Hangzhou Bay National Wetland Park staff, the wetland park fishing center consists of a fishing arena and service center building. Among them, the fishing arena is a circular venue with a circumference of about 600 meters and an area of about 22,000 square meters. It can accommodate 200 people for fishing competitions at the same time. The center island is about 88 meters in diameter and has an area of about 6000 square meters. The building area of the Fishing Service Center is about 3086 square meters. It mainly consists of functional blocks such as catering, tea room and fishing gear display center. It is reported that the fishing center will open to the public in January 1st next year.

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